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Born in the artsy city of Atlanta, Georgia, Sydney Mitchell, known by her musical persona LexC Michelle, is a talented R&B, Soul, Pop Singer-Songwriter. LexC at a young age has always known she was destined for greatness as an entertainer. Her musical influences are Ciara, Beyonce and Melanie Fiona. Growing up she would aspire to be just as great as them. 


To help build a name for herself, LexC set up a Youtube page in which she covered her favorite songs by artists Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, and Beyonce. She also performed at local open mics to help build her stage presence and become the amazing performer you see today. “It was all so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time,” she said, “but every opportunity was an overall amazing experience. It’s an unexplainable feeling to actually chase your dreams and see progress.” 


LexC is in full control of her craft and hands on in guiding the direction of her career. Her latest Project “LexC Michelle” undoubtedly displays her ability of storytelling and inflicting emotion through her songwriting and singing. Her Single “What You Gone Do” beautifully displays LexC’s ability to be a game changer in the world of R&B. LexC has been networking with producers, singers, songwriters, and new & upcoming artists to put together her next project. She is currently branding herself and her music while also building a loyal fan base. Looking to make the world aware of her talents, LexC is focused on her music to be played in every club, radio station, and venue she can find. She is looking forward to what the musical world has in store for her and her remarkable talents.





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"What You Gone Do?" Official Music Video